Sunday, January 6, 2008

Nonprofit Leadership: Life Lessons from an Enterprising Practitioner

All proceeds from Nonprofit Leadership: Life Lessons from an Enterprising Practitioner go to the Jane Addams Resource Corporation.

Nonprofit Leadership: Life Lessons from an Enterprising Practitioner explores what it means to be a civic leader in the nonprofit sector, building on the author’s 30 years of experience as a leader, investor and researcher. The book combines leadership insights with personal reflections and provides new perspectives on social innovation and problem solving in community economic development.

The book challenges readers to consider questions about their careers, rethink or expand their points of view and absorb lessons from the field. At the heart of the book is the recognition that good leadership and management cannot be reduced to a handful of principles or lessons, but flows from ongoing reflection and action.

Nonprofit Leadership fills a gap in the existing nonprofit leadership literature.


"While the community economic development field is still dynamic and evolving, it faces a major leadership challenge with the departure and retirement of many of the long-time leaders, forging a path for a new generation. There is, however, a critical need for seasoned practitioners and leaders to tell their story and share their insights and lessons with emerging leadership. Giloth’s book does an admirable job of giving readers the benefit of his vast knowledge and experience. What we need now is for other practitioners to recount their experiences and write about the lessons learned from their mistakes and successes. This is invaluable experience that should be conveyed to future generations of CED practitioners and leaders." -Robert O. Zdenek, ShelterForce

“Through provocative questions and evocative stories, Nonprofit Leadership becomes the perfect travel companion for emerging leaders in our field.” —Ralph Smith, Senior Vice President, Annie E. Casey Foundation

“From his work in gritty urban neighborhoods to City Hall to his role as a funder of ambitious community development initiatives, Bob Giloth has pushed the community practice envelope. This is a unique and moving contribution to the fields of community development and nonprofit management.” —Nik Theodore, Associate Professor of Urban Planning and Policy, University of Illinois at Chicago

“Only someone with a bold hand, a fearless heart and a sense of humor could have written this book, which is about harnessing your passion and not being afraid to fail.” —Kirsten Moy, Director, Economic Opportunity Program, The Aspen Institute

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