Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Philanthrocapitalism Speaks Out

"I like to call this new system creative capitalism -- an approach where governments,businesses, and nonprofits work together to stretch the reach of market forces so that more people can make a profit, or gain reocognition, doing work that eases the world's inequities."

Bill Gates, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

"A profit making organization with an effective social mission is a profitable philanthropy, and its sustainable."

John Abele,founder of Argosy Foundation

"The economic model in the nonprofit sector for large scale simply does not exist...in terms of reaching hundreds of millions of people, the only way is through a commercial effort."

Pierre Omidyar, founder of eBay

"Yet, there's no real reason to wall off the roles of nonprofit and for-profit enterprises, when what really counts is what each can do to enhance people's lives overall."

Steve Case, Co-founder of AOL

Check out The Philanthropy Initiative and its newsletter for more thoughts about philanthropcapitalism -- or creative capitalism.

Do these statements send a chill up your back? Make you feel warm and fuzzy? Create cognitive dissonance? Encourage a sigh of relief? Spur your competitive juices? Or what?

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