Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Calling All Authors

I have a penchant for single syllable words. I gave my kids simple, jackhammer, no-frill names, and I like to use direct, short words in my sentences.

So, I'm a perfect sucker for the rash of books with single syllable titles: Crunch, Nudge, Sway, Blink, Stick, etc. These books are a part of a broader literary movement to tell it like it is about such things as Cod and Salt. Maybe it's just about keeping it simple for those of us who have a hard time focusing. Or, maybe there's better title science and craft these days. Whatever is behind these single syllables, it gets me. I buy 'em up. They're the kinds of books all leaders should know about, now!

Luckily, we have not run out of single syllables. More opportunity exists for authors everywhere. I offer up two potential titles: Wink and Grudge.

The Wink is an ancient form of communication that has fallen on tough times, the victim of political correctness. Yet sleep research shows that we are winking all night long. Some researchers have made pathbreaking progress in decoding our thousands of nighttime winks using Morris Code. Their finds will surprise you.

The Grudge is about the untold benefits of holding onto things -- that is, grudges --for too long. Conventional wisdom and self help counsels to just let go and you will feel liberated. The Grudge tells a different story about how grudges can provide a sense of purpose in a purposeless world. But the real story is about how the energy source of grudges can be transformed into doing good and bettering the world. A topical book in a time of $150 a barrel oil.

What other tough, single syllable words deserve to be titles that can lead us into the 21st century and beyond?

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Josh said...

How about Crash, Spun, Gonzo or other great movies?