Wednesday, August 20, 2008


"Americans cut out 12 billion miles of driving in June, a 4.7% drop from June 2007. During the first half of the year, Americans reduced their oil consumption by 800,000barrels per day as compared with the first half of 2007."

USA Today Editorial, "Falling oil prices present mixed blessing for consumer," August 18, 2008
There's nothing like market pressure to change the behaviors -- of consumers, producers, and innovators. Some changes represent tough decisions by families with constrained budgets. Some changes spur entrepreneurial innovators who see the writing on the wall.

Cultural change happens when we make individual decisions differently, seemingly all by ourselves. Do I need this trip or not? Could I survive if I turned the air conditioning down a notch? Is it time for a hybrid or maybe better weatherization?

Who hasn't asked these questions during the past six months?

The editorial wisely hopes that 33 days of dropping oil prices won't dissipate our appetite for cultural change and innovation while consumer relief is on the way.

Can leadership keep the focus on energy independence, culture change, and alternative energy sources without the looming inevitability of higher oil prices?

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