Thursday, September 18, 2008

Who You Going to Call?

"This has been the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. There is no question about it."

Quote from NYU economist Mark Gertler in Jon Hilsenrath, Serena Ng, and Damian Paletta, "Worst Crisis Since '30s, With No End Yet in Sight" The Wall Street Journal, September 18, 2008

"Do you think the number of people struggling to make ends meet could be reduced in your community? Yes, 85%"

"80% of Americans say they think about how well candidates will help those struggling to make ends meet when they go to the voting booth."

Findings from a survey commissioned by the Northwest Area Foundation. "Struggling to Make Ends Meet: Americans Worry About Income and Economy, April 2008.

"Any President would do well to adhere to the community values, often rooted in religious faith, that inspire community organizers. They believe that problems are best solved through cooperation, that every person is part of the American family and that no individual can do well while others are suffering. A president familiar with community organizing would seek out diverse views to formulate policy rooted in the realities of ordinary life. He would know how to build coalitions to overcome the entrenched interests that block progress."

Deepak Bhargava, "Organizing Principles," New York Times, September 14, 2008

That and old-fashioned expertise in using the instruments of government to create a more stable, productive,and just society.

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