Monday, October 6, 2008

I Confess

Governor Sarah Palin has inspired me to confess that my father,a lifelong Republican,shared several meals with Tom Ayers, father of notorious domestic terrorist Bill Ayers and former CEO of Commonwealth Edison, at Windemere, a retirement community in Wheaton, Illinois, home of Wheaton College. Moreover, an uncle of mine, who ran a Chicago chemical company (and was also Republican), had occasion to go fishing with said Tom Ayers and maybe even play golf together at the Glen Ellen country club. Tom Ayers was a big shot Republican with failed nuclear plants on his resume who handled the business community and race relations for Mayor Richard J. Daley, whose police battered antiwar protesters and the press at the Chicago Democratic Convention forty years ago, including Bill Ayers. Daley's son, Mayor Richard M. Daley, recently embraced Bill Ayers as a local "contributor."

The only thing I can figure out about this mysterious web of connections and contradictions is that it's about family, energy independence, and the suburbs. What's un-American about that, Governor Palin?


Anonymous said...

Fuck you Bob.

Bob Giloth said...

Hmmm! That took courage. Normally we would decline to publish such a breach of civility. But this pithy, personal, and anonymous comment deserves the light of day.

For the record, I have no personal relationship with the Ayers' clan; and only know about these historic stick figures through storybooks about Chicago and the demise of the New Left.

My point in this posting was to object to Palin's smearing of Barack Obama. You don't have to scratch too deep into this story before you find a captain of industry and the Republican Party