Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Vanity

"As Giloth points out, community economic development is a complex and messy job that requires an array of skill sets and a willingness to take calculated risks based on analysis and past performance."

Robert O. Zdenek, review of Robert Giloth's Nonprofit Leadership, Shelterforce, Fall 2008

Nothing like getting a good review from an old hand in a terrific magazine that's one of the last bastions of community development reporting and analysis. I've posted the review on my blog.

The above quote captures what I love about community economic development -- the opportunity to jump in, get dirty, and figure things out in a community context.This rare opportunity to make mistakes and learn has instilled in me a sense of obligation to communities struggling to gain some control over their economic futures.

I believe that these messy and exciting learning opportunities still exist in the arena of community economic development, especially now related to social enterprise, urban agriculture, green development, immigrant rights, and labor organizing. A next generation is emerging -- but more leaders are needed.

Am I ready to jump in again?

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