Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Experimental Cities

[N]o amount of mere reading can prevent the beginner from making mistakes. If the initial venture is a large one, the mistake may prove financially disasterous...[T]he only alternative to experienced guidance is experimenting on a small scale. Mistakes can be considered part of one's education."

Frank Borsodi,Flight from the City

Of course this Depression-era classic's articulation of action learning and prototyping is about chickens -- and goats, too. Borsodi and his family fled the city in order to be self sufficient and live healthy lives.

Now, we have a flight to the city in the U.S, at least some cities, to take advantage of density and the potential for environmental sustainability. The long-term fate of McMansions is unknown.

So, what about chickens -- one of the next frontiers of municipal policy. Too many different, restrictive laws apply. Check out for an update on chicken legislation and a portrait gallery of chicken tractors. Just for the eggs.

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