Friday, November 21, 2008


"In this new economic, political, and intellectual environment, the "emperor" has retained much of his clothing but has lost his crown, no longer the sole figure in a triumphal procession towards the permanent supremacy of the market. Those of us lining the streets must keep a careful watch on what happens next, and be prepared to enter the fray if we see Napoleonic tendencies returning."

Michael Edwards, Philanthropcapitalism:Old Myths, New Realities, November, 14, 2008.

An extremely useful summary and interpretation of reactions to Just Another Emporer: The Myths and Realities of Philanthropcapitalism concludes with the above enigmatic exhortation.

Let me give it a try. I understand the economic downturn and new presidency; I'm not sure of what's new intellectually (more books to read). The "emperor" (philanthropcapitalism) has lost its crown (money,prestige)and is no longer the "big cheese" in the march to market supremacy (so, we don't have any options left, really). As spectator citizens we go to the parade to watch (the triumphal march to market supremacy)but stand ready to join a fight against "hyperagents" in a war that we have already lost.

It is a confusing time.

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