Thursday, November 6, 2008


"When I was not reappointed by Mayor-Elect Greg Nickels in 1992, the gardeners decided that Interbay should be the site of my own renewal...I brought along photocopies of my termination letter and asked people to shred them as I read it aloud. Then, as I turned the compost, people took turns adding the shredded letters."

Jim Diers, Neighbor Power: Building Community The Seattle Way

When I quit working for Harold Washington in August 1987 I tied together my worn dress black shoes by the laces and tossed them off the Ashland Street Bridge into the Chicago River. Mine was a voluntary departure after Harold's reelection, driven by family obligations and a four-year attention span. Symbolic acts are important.

I touched down at Midway Chicago on Election Day for a connecting flight and read about another transition. The Feds finally got the cuffs on "Fast Eddie."

"Former Chicago Ald. Edward Vrdolyak ...becoming yet another former politician to become a convicted felon, pleading guilty to plotting to take a bogus finder's fee in a Gold Coast real estate deal."

Jeff Coen, "Vrdolyak pleads guilty in fraud case," Chicago Tribune, November 4, 2008.

Fast Eddie and his partner Ald. Edward Burke led the City Council 29 in opposition to Mayor Harold Washington and the 21, leading to Chicago's infamous name Beruit on the Lake.

So, a grand slam for Chicago.

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