Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Brewery Time

"[T]he Schoenhofen Brewery...is now undergoing renovation...into modern commercial space that could include galleries,music, a bar or restaurant."

Kate Gardner, "New Life for Schoenhofen Building", Chicago Journal, December 15, 2008

Thirty years ago community residents of Pilsen grabbed the attention of the National Commission on Neighborhoods as it traveled through Chicago to raise a stink about the plight of the Schoenhofen Brewery. There were multiple plans for the complex and its 4-5 businesses that employed 150 people at the time, including a vision for a multi-media art complex,condos, a holography studio, and a micro-brewery. We picketed a meeting sponsored by artist-developers who imported an ancient brewer from Iowa to spin a tale about how the Brewery could brew again. Residents wanted jobs and businesses. In Nonprofit Leadership I recount how a group of unlikely partners in Pilsen joined forces to fight these plans and save the businesses.

Prairie Alligators by Henry Polz is a murder mystery that takes place in the Schoenhofen Brewery

Th landmark Schoenhofen Administration building has stood empty for much of thirty years after suffering from a demolition accident. Whether a commercial market exists for the use of this building now is a measure of the degree to which Pilsen as been overrun by development and surrounding development south of the Loop has reach Pilsen's eastern boundaries.

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