Friday, January 9, 2009

Change Messages

" Fiscally Responsible Home Furnishings"

Yes, the holiday decorations are almost all down. Now inauguration banners wrap every available concrete pole and advertising space in DC metro stations, at least some of them.

Gallery Place on the Red Line is an Inauguration Day ground zero, the swirls of yellow banners overwhelming in their call for change. Location analysts must have figured out the maximal dumping points for the mass crowds. Who would wrap our public spaces with these loud change thoughts and colors. Has to be the private sector: Walmart? Target? Macy's?

Nope. Ikea. That's right, yellow. But I didn't see blue: Is that Obama's campaign color? Can't remember. I think so. Ah, the website has blue.

I guess this is good for the economy given the slump in retail sales. We're all being asked about our own personal stimulus plans. And the metro probably has a deficit like everybody else. Ikea does cut across generations, demographics, red and blue persuasions, and renters and homeowners. And, I suppose all that yellow will help people who haven't been to the city in a while, or traveled by public transportation, to get off at the right stop.

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Bronwyn said...

On a similar note, have you noticed that Pepsi ads are suddenly emphasizing their logo rather than their name? Clearly, they're trying to cash in on how similar it is to the Obama logo. Check it out: