Sunday, January 11, 2009

Seven Days

"But as we all prepare for that journey, we can't forget our commitment to help Hillary Clinton retire her campaign debt."

Vice-President Elect Joe Biden

Joe, is this really the best way to strategically use the 13 million strong mailing list? I realize Hillary has talents and debts, and that helping take care of her debts is probably part of some grand handshake that I don't know about or quite understand. Why not just go and ask her top supporters as well as Obama's and your own? Raising more money for change from the movement and then spending it on campaign debts doesn't jive with me.

On a "Are we ready for the Inauguration" note, I witnessed a humorous episode of security training at Union Station. Of course, we're becoming acclimated to squads of secret service police with machine guns poised -- reminds me of Europe in the 1970s. Those guns certainly change the atmosphere -- as they should.

Last Friday, I witnessed the confused interaction between a neophyte dog sniffer named Smitty, his black lab, and his wildy gesticulating supervisor in need of some training about how to coach employees. As morning commuter crowds poured into the station, we heard: "Smitty, work the crowd. Smitty, work the crowd." Smitty kept his composure in his brand new black uniform and hat and tried his best. The dog sniffed and twisted around people, lunged for the men's Room, and finally chased a fella with a striped shirt to the pretzel stand. "Smitty, work the crowd," grew more urgent. The supervisor, unsatisfied with Smitty's performance, took the leash and demonstrated how to move back and forth through the torrent of passengers. It was difficult for my unschooled eyes to distinguish the right way from the wrong way "Smitty, work the crowd" echoed as we left for our train.

It's good to practice -- and to start early. I'm sure we'll all be ready for the great day.


Harold Fowler said...

I think you raise some valid points


Nekane said...

Let's hope that the Arabs "thank" us for arming Israel and not vetoing all UN resolutions that would have allowed Palistians self-determination.

Then Bush could delcare martial-law and we could enjoy him more.

Anonymous said...

considering there were how many news reports over the past few weeks about the obama campaign complaining that they didn't have enough money for the welcome party / induction / implosion - having them then willing want to give up millions to someone that doesn't deserve or even need the money is a bit ludicrous.

how about give home owners that have lost their homes the money? or people that have recently lost their jobs? nooo, give it to a whiny rich yuppie that already makes millions every year and did nothing but talk shit about you for the past year.

great idea guys.