Friday, March 13, 2009

Lopsided Strengths

"The stronger your preference for one leadership style, the stronger your taste for its opposite. So-called servant leaders, for example, can't stand selfishness..."

Robert E. Kaplan and Robert B Kaiser, "Stop Overdoing Your Strengths," Harvard Business Review, February, 2009.

Now we find out that we might be "lopsided" leaders after buying all those books on strengths(e.g.g Buckingham's Now, Discover Your Strengths), taking the tests,puzzling over our top five (e.g. relationships, organizing, strategy), and hoping that we'll meet someone who's got the "Woo." It was comforting to discover our distinctiveness -- and allowed us to let go of that mythical balanced leader who was great at everything.

Oddly, I never thought that one should just pump up the one big strength and jam it down people's throats. Rather, grappling with one's strength profile provided a perspective on one's default patterns. Then the question was how one's strengths fit with the strength profiles of co-workers -- or not fit. Sharing profiles allows us to see how we can take advantage of other strengths among our colleagues -- and recognize how different strengths may tangle.

Isn't the goal to move toward balance, recognizing your strengths (and their weaknesses)?

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