Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Investing Green

"Despite this downturn, cleantech may recover quickly...Over $200B in government funding worldwide is likely to be spent on cleantech in 2009, an amount that is larger than the total private capital expenditures of $150B in 2008."

Cleantech Group LLC, Cleantech 2009: The Emergence of a Low Carbon Economy, April 2009.

One of best signs that green is here to stay is the boomlet in venture capital investing in cleantech that grew from $.9B in 2004 to $5.9B in 2008. Policies related to efficiency, clean energy, and reducing pollution pushed this growth. Cleantech investments have contracted 33% in past two quarters.

"A robust market is key...[T]here are cleantech companies with significant advancements in solar, wind, energy efficiency,advanced batteries...recycling...that can improve our economic and environmental performance - if we get the policies right."

A rider and lover of trains, my heart jumped at the Frontline Blueprint America story last night about how we can improve dramatically the efficiency of our freight system -- with Chicago still at the center of things.

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