Monday, July 27, 2009

Have You Seen Any?

"What are green jobs?"

Bob Giloth and thousands of others muttering at multiple conferences, on conference calls and around water coolers, 2009.

I saw several green jobs the other day on U.S. 95 going north, somewhere in N.J. First I saw a long semi-trailer with two very big white blades traveling south. Not for an airplane, not for a gigantic boat propeller. My quick mind settled on wind mill blades for wind farms. Of course there has been a lot of attention to who makes the blades, the manufacturing part of the green economy. And these big blades must have taken some work. A little digression. Some economic development folks in one state told we they were positioning their sagging pleasure boat building industry as manufacturers for these blades. They had the skills in shaping hulls and all that.

Back to the blades. A little further north I a saw a second trailer with blades slightly jackknifed and momentarily stuck on an old-fashioned exit ramp. A police car and an emergency crew of some sort were helping out. Obviously, the roads (and this exit/entrance in particular),weren't completely in tune with the needs of the green economy. That's another story. So, here were a few more green jobs in addition to the truck drivers, truck mechanics, and truck loaders -- cops and road crews.

Now think about the multiple expenditures of these truck drivers along the way to their happy wind farm destinations -- truck stops, greasy spoons and toll booths.

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