Thursday, July 2, 2009

New Plastics

"UMUC Environmental Management. 7.22 Billion Stimulus Dollars. Thousands of Green Jobs. Be Prepared. Now."

UMUC Advertising Poster, MARC Penn LineThis poster graces the most strategic spot on the train -- right at the exit door. We are usually lined up ready to tumble out as the train slows, stops, brakes, shudders, etc. Having something to look at and read is a lifeline in those last moments before more scurrying.

I was a bit surprised by the line of argument. UMUC is University of Maryland University College -- and I believe primarily undergraduate although environmental management is likely to be a graduate degree as well. There has been some analysis that many stimulus/recovery green jobs will require post-secondary credentials -- so going back to school makes some sense. But there is a bit of a timing problem -- short term for stimulus dollars and jobs -- the next couple of years. And I wonder whether there are thousands of jobs standing waiting by for these kind of skills -- as opposed to weatherization technician or auditor. I guess we'll need administrators and planners.

I found it odd that the poster focused solely on government supports -- not a new business sector, vibrant green economy, or climate change policies. There was almost something too concrete about it -- like get a degree and get a job. But that is what people want. I hope green is the next plastics.

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