Monday, August 24, 2009

Nothing to Write About

"A comparison of how the media have treated the two presidents and their faith-based programs during the first six months of their the subject of a new research study..."

Kathleen Parker, "Media gives Obama a faith-based pass," Duluth NewsTribune, August 23, 2009.

I know the feeling--a new report and a deadline. End of summer. If only there was a meaningful finding or two. Let's start with the headline and work backwards to substance, if we can find any. "Media gives Obama...a pass." Oh yeah!

Can you imagine a more different first six months when comparing 2001 and 2009? Surplus vs. deficit. Wars vs. peace (sort of). Economic faltering vs. deep recession. Supreme Court presidency vs. mandate. Domestic tinkering vs. major domestic agenda.

And Parker, as well as Pew, I suspect, have left out the prior six months. Whose faith got more attention? Timeframes matter!

But what does this all matter in the big scheme of things. Not much!

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