Thursday, August 27, 2009

Writing Tether

"Researchers call this phenomenon the 'electronic tether." And they are concerned...One in five students said they have sent papers to their parents, usually via email, for proofreading...A better term might be delayed adulthood."

Shannon Colavecchio, "Off to college,minus the independence," Minneapolis Star Tribune, August 25, 2009.

And I thought I was imparting some know-how gained as a knowledge worker over the decades. I never stooped to the final proof, nor was asked, but I have rather enjoyed making substantive comments, identifying logic traps and suggesting alternative ideas or formulations. I felt like I was helping in a practical way -- after the not-always-fulfilling years of teen love and support.

Now to have my simple gift revealed to be intergenerational tethering. Does this mean she will always talk to me about ideas? I hope so.

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JN said...

I thought the article had a strange take as well. While a final proofread might be over the top -- there is nothing wrong with looking through a paper to offer substantive critiques. In fact, it is exactly the type of one-on-one attention to detail that is often lacking in freshman college courses.