Friday, September 4, 2009

The Announcers

"The unexpressed thought is not worth having."

John Kelly, "I'm Writing to Say That I Wrote This Column and That I'm Writing to Say That I Wrote It," The Washington Post, September 3,2009.

Althought I'm a Facebook neophyte, my observation is that not everyone is an announcer. There are the commenters,the posters of useful and useless information, the observers and, of course, the photo enthusiasts.I suspect some play multiple roles --in small networks, functionally-specific networks,and blasting-the-world networks.

As a matter of temperment,I find the announcers to verge on the irritating. Then I find myself intrigued by the fine-grained dimension of everyday life. My strategy is to take a dip,not a swim.

And then there are the bloggers.

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