Thursday, September 10, 2009

Enterprising Green

"The world is disorderly, inequitable, and unpredictable. Its disordered complexity must be met head-on, through direct engagement with the real world. Such engagement means trial-and-error experimentation--and the opportunity for breakthrough innovations."

Philanthropy Roundtable, "A Stimulus That Works: Philanthropic Strategies for Boosting Entrepreneurship," May 14, 2009.

At times I think more attention has been paid to green jobs than to green business creation. In many ways a first step in scaling up energy retrofitting (at least with ARRA dollars) is to identify, support, and start new businesses that can do the work -- and hire and train the people. Job creation is the problem; training will follow.

"We are all entrepreneurs. Only some of us are lucky enough to discover it,"
Mohammed Yunus.

At the same time, entrepreneurs aren't enough.

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