Monday, September 14, 2009

Follow The Money

"...ACORN Housing fired two employees...after a video from a hidden camera showed them how to buy a house to use as a brothel."

Megan Greenwell, "ACORN Fires 2 After Hidden Camera Video," The Washington Post, September 12, 2009.

What could ACORN have been thinking? Don't they have a housing counseling manual that points out "no no's?" I'm sure they do. And it's not completely unexpected that you would find a couple of bad eggs. But no excuses.

Yet I had to laugh about the cooked up scenarios of prostitutes and brothels in this entrapment. Too much imagination; too much of an unlikely pattern; and so close to college and DC. I wonder who paid for the whole thing -- certainly not the conservative film maker alone.

I remember a few years back how several young conservative activists infiltrated community organizations in Milwaukee -- ransacked their files and wrote about a "red conspiracy" in the Wall Street Journal. A bit of detective work turned up a research institute and several conservative foundations.

I hope someone is writing the story of the conservative siege of ACORN -- 2009.

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