Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Why Surrender?

"Nor is there any doubt among us who have known and worked with this remarkable man over the years that, when [Van] Jones signed a petition or spoke at a rally, he did not always agree with every detail of what was being said - anymore than a Republican Congressman who..."

John Nichols,"Van Jones Exit Isn't Right Wing Win, It's an Obama Surrender," The Nation, September 8, 2009.

I'm not sure that setting such a low bar for good behavior is the right way to support Jones, although it certainly shows the unfairness of it all. Jones made a few minor mistakes. He explained and apologized. Why surrender?

I've got two thoughts. First, Van Jones was a symbol with not much power who brought passion, knowledge,credibility, and relationships to the green talkathon. He was easy to attack and easy to let go. But he made green agenda real. Why surrender?

Second, he took it to the people, all the people. I heard him say in July that he was engaging small-town America, red-state America, talk-radio America. Maybe that was a good idea. Maybe that was looking for trouble. Why surrender?

And then,of course, there's the hate mongering.

I suspect the Obama of 2010 will face even more criticism about war, peace,and climate change. Why surrender?

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