Friday, October 30, 2009

Good Hands

"Now,in our first annual Brave Thinkers issue we have identified a small group of men and women who have risked their careers, reputations,fortunes,and in some cases their lives to advance ideas that upend the established order."

"Brave Thinkers," Atlantic Monthly, November 2009

"...[T]he visionaries we were drawn to made the cut not for being revolutionary inventors, innovative environmentalists,vociferous outcasts,or intrepid reformers...but for the unwavering, unexhaustible sense of purpose they bring to their work."

"50 Visionaries Who Are Changing Your World,Utne Reader, Nov-Dec 2009.

Not much, if any overlap to people, but overlap of topical areas -- green,media,peace,justice. Not surprisingly, the Utne folks seem a bit younger on the whole. What do you think of Atlantic's shout out for Ralph Nader and Ben Bernanke?

Here's some bravery: "The single most important thing they need to get out of poverty is more money...This is so obvious that people tellme that it is a perfect example of circular reasoning. But the sad factis that it isn't all that obvious to the great majority of the world's poverty experts."

Paul Polak,Out of Poverty

"Zozo,a life-size purple mascot,was recently unveiled as the Livable Streets movement's Smokey Bear..."

That's vision!

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