Thursday, October 29, 2009

New Normal Blather

"I'm sick of hearing the phrase "New Normal.'"

Bob Giloth, words spoken to himself at least several times a week.

So, what's the bother? For one, I've never found the word "normal" to be very appealing. It represents a a kind of caving in to the irrationalities, disparities, things that are simply wrong. There's a soothing quality to normal, I admit, something predictable, no problems,no frills. But I've never liked it. Normalizing feels like brainwashing.

The usage I hear most frequently refers to some effects,adjustments, etc. to the Great Recession. We were just tooling along, living in the old normal (really the illusion of a pumped-up bubble) only to crash hard. A few months later, the new normal arrives in town, declaring a new future, maybe even an inflection point.

Big declarative statements about what we should do, can do and cannot do given the new normal are mouthed by some of the same people fully implicated in the old normal. Somehow, they now can see into the future.

I guess what bothers me about purveyors of the new normal is how sure they are of themselves in a situation that still remains incomplete,complex and certaintly not normal.

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homework said...

sounds to me like the purveyors of the normal- old and new- are the keepers of the status quo. you can be sure of yourself even in a situation that is incomplete and complex if your resource and power base is unshaken.