Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Kickstart Jobs

"Nobody wants to talk seriously about class in America, but the elites are smiling and perusing their stock portfolios while the checklist of Americans locked in depressionlike circumstances just grows and grows."

Bob Herbert, "A Recovery For Some," The New York Times,November 14, 2009

Will the Obama "job summit" kickstart creative action? I hope so. A lot of ideas are swirling about -- tax credits, wage subsidies or public jobs. Many cities are even trying things out -- knitting together various financing pools, contracting opportunities and private job sources.

"Glenn Beck would describe anything like the Works Progress Administration as a plan to recruit pro-Obama brownshirts..."

Paul Krugman, "Free to Lose," The New York Times,November 13,2009

Yes, that's a part of the political problem. But not all. Having started my career in CETA, I wonder if today's crop of mayors and administrators would commit to make a large public jobs program work on the ground. No patronage. No substitution of jobs. No make work. I think they just might.

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