Monday, November 16, 2009

Red Corpuscles

"Once a decision is made on Afghanistan, Obama will need a similar transfusion of red corpuscles -- and need to make a similar case. In Afghanistan and other distant places, America's sons and daughters are saving the liberty of the world."

Michael Gerson, "A Strategy Needs Some Steel," The Washington Post, November 11, 2009

The temperment offensive continues against President Barack Obama, even on Veteran's Day. Not only is he supposedly Carter-like but now he resembles Woodrow Wilson in his professorial "vagueness." Wilson, however, understood his lack of red corpuscles and did something about it. A very important war?

"Obama is ... more explanatory than inspirational."

Gerson misses our deep,collective American need for a little explanation after eight years of George W's red-meat passion. Are we still capable of sustained, honest and transparent thinking?

Red corpuscle passion produces unnecessary wars and overextended police actions. That's what puts our fellow citizens in harm's way.

And the reference to "steel," not so good in terms of what it conjures up.

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