Thursday, December 10, 2009

Measured Steps

"Our work is far from done."

President Barack Obama, quoted in: Jackie Calmes, "Obama Sets Plan to Spur Job Creation," The New York times, December 9,2009.

Apparently that work does not include any job creation strategies specifically targeted for low-income, low-skilled people out of work or never in work. I thought I heard murmers about a public jobs piece but maybe this is hidden in the details or one of the many other proposals being considered in Congress.

Nothing wrong with small business incentives,more infrastructure and extended unemployment benefits. These are probably good things. And the green investments,especially for homeowners, seem intended to create a buzz and spur momentum rather than open up the green economy in a big way.

Alltogether, safe,measured steps. No doubt Obama will still take his lumps for at least recognizing a problem and trying to act.

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