Friday, January 22, 2010

Social Enterprise Failure

"..[B]lending nonprofit and for-profit thinking could do significant damage to civil society as the philanthrocapitalist revolution roles on."

Michael Edwards, Small Change

I don't think anyone has summed up the full range of impacts from nonprofits going down the social enterprise or philanthrocapitalist path. Usually we hear about the stars -- or occasionally a survey is done on one type of nonprofit business, like nonprofit staffing agencies.

Just off the top of my head I can think of a dozen or so failures around the country, enterprise failures that sometimes contributed to bringing seemingly strong nonprofit organizations down. As a part of our collective aversion to talking about failures and mistakes, this is fugitive territory.

Now, we've also had a lot of failed nonprofit replications of model programs, deadly executive transitions, and nonprofit meltdowns. The failure of social enterprises is clearer because they can't persist if private revenue dries up, unless,of course,success is redefined in terms of amount of revenue generation, length of start-up, or the value of other benefits. Yet we should admit that nonprofits have the ability to hold onto existence beyond the call of purpose or the availability of resources. Social enterprises generally do not have this capacity. Like business, when they fail, they fail.

Nevertheless, it's worth tallying up the costs and benefits of social enterprises for the nonprofit sector if this hasn't been done. And let's focus on those social enterprises that promise revenue, jobs, and other services for low-income communities. I think we might be surprised by the results of such an analysis.

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Anonymous said...

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