Friday, February 19, 2010

Growth Jobs?

"UMUC Careers in Homeland Security. Job Increases of 23% in next decade."

Poster on MARC Train, DC to Baltimore, 2010.

I'm not contemplating a major career change at this stage of the game but I am susceptible to advertising messages staring me in the face as my daily train pulls into the station. But who knows? A 23% increase sounds like a lot of jobs -- but it's all in the base, how many homeland security jobs currently exist and how many more will be created.

I guess it's no surprise that homeland security would be a growth occupation given our seemingly more insecure world and the likelihood of more incidents within our borders.Nevertheless, it's a bit unnerving -- more sniffing dogs at the railroad stations, more lines to navigate at airports, and increased security for those areas in which we are insecure, whatever they are. And all the management.

How does it feel to say to your children? "There's a future in homeland security!"

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