Tuesday, February 2, 2010


"Do you want a bag?" asked DC business #1. "No thanks," I replied.

I suddenly realized that I'd been nudged. And that wasn't all: I felt slivers of patriotism,self righteousness,and environmental stewardship. All for saving 5 cents, DC's new penalty for consuming plastic shopping bags.Somehow the thought of losing 5cents every time I go to the corner store or to Eastern Market has encouraged me to stuff my coat pockets with bunches of celery, bottles of peanuts, and the occasional tomato. I even feel moments of pride and self sufficiency when I find an old plastic bag of my own in my pocket -- unused from the last time we took the dog for a walk.

Oddly, the 5 cents has not cured my forgetfullness about bringing my special, bright green enviro-friendly shopping bag with me on my shopping journies. This gets a bit awkward if I bulk up on items that exceed the limits of my pockets and hands,leading to a few cases of transgression, head bowed, buying the despicable plastic. I've been nudged.

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