Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Play Learning

"If...play is an essential catalyst for learningand development of the kind of resilience,creativity, and optimism we need in order to intelligently navigate a complex,changing world,then we must all share in the work of creating new room for play and advocating on behalf of playfullness in the various arenas of our lives."

Alison Kadlec,"Play and Public Life," National Civic Review, vol 98,no 4, Winter 2010

So, where was your favorite place to play as a kid, on a playground or in an alley, in the woods, on an empty lot, in a basement full of junk? Some research a few years back by Kevin Lynch, I think, found the latter to be true. Why? Lots of movable parts, natural things, adventure, the unexpected, and opportunities for building with others. That's what Lady Allen of Hurtwood found after WW 2 in devastated European cities -- she invented adventure playgrounds. See Planning for Play. Lots to be learned from play.

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