Wednesday, March 10, 2010


"The Census Bureau is having trouble finding qualified temporary workers in some neighborhoods for the national head count..."

Haya El Nasser, "In some places, Census jobs unfilled," USA Today, March 4, 2010.

I wonder if anyone from the workforce development world, or the Census, for that matter, implemented training programs aimed to get low-income, low-skilled people into these jobs, or to use these jobs as stepping stones for entrance or reconnection into the labor market. These jobs combine skills in sales and customer service; and require aptitudes for listening, accuracy, thoroughness, etc. All teachable; all useful skills to practice on the way to other things.

They're short-term public jobs needed to accomplish public work. Just what we need. I'm sure one stops and job referral groups sent people to take the tests and fill out the forms. I'm thinking of something more pro-active in terms of packaging these jobs for workforce development. This approach probably breaks some rules, or is long gone, now, as an opportunity, but it's probably worth thinking about, at least for 2020.

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