Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Green Audacious!

"My audacious idea is that Baltimore becomes a model for enterprising community programming that creates a net Green3 result. Some advocates call this a triple-bottom line or integrated bottom line. And there is a strong example of this approach happening right now in Baltimore.Three notable programs that Civic Works operates in our cities’ row houses are: B’More Green, Cool Roofs, and EnergyReady."

Spenser Villwock, Enterprising Green3, Audacious Ideas, Maarch 29, 2010

Audacious: "confident, brave, adventuresome, intrepid, reckless, rash, foolhardy, daredevil."

I would describe the above idea as on the confident,brave side of audacious -- a measured projection of the future from what is. And these are great examples that Baltimore should be proud of.

On the other side of the audacious continuum, more daredevil,intrepid and maybe reckless, is the idea of energy retrofitting 60% of Baltimore's buildings(residential and commercial) by 2020. Somebody told me there are about 200,000 units altogether, give or take. Low-income weatherization is doing a little less than 1,000a year with ARRA money, creating 25-30 jobs. Should we double the number of units being done each year to make sure we include other efforts? If so, Baltimore would do 20,000 units in ten years,or 10% of the stock, compared to an audacious 60% and hundreds of jobs each year.

How would Baltimore embrace such an audacious idea? That's the question. Well, Baltimore and MD would need the right policy framework that creates some "push" for energy efficiency, some financing tools to break into the private marketplace in a bigger way, an engaged utility that wanted to make this happen, community organizing to get people on board, and a green partnership of some kind to craft and manage the complicated transactions. No doubt, Civic Works would play a big role.

So, who wants to be green audacious?

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