Monday, May 17, 2010

Battle Lines?

"I find people with children to be tyrants,"

Quote from Linda of Capitol Hill in: Annys Shin, "With city's baby boom, parental guidance suggested," The Washington Post, May 16, 2010.

Of course, fighting words like those have to be about dogs. All that baby carriage traffic, yelping tikes and children off the leash. Horrible stuff.

"Often, the conflicts pit parents against childless adults who, after decades of middle class flight, have gotten used to the sense that they have the city to themselves."

The beauty of cities is their messiness -- and the requirement for some degree of tolerance and engagement. I suspect many of these fights are among suburbanites new to the big city. No, you can't get your way all the time.

"Dear K9 Corps member,
We have had quite a few reports lately regarding altercations between dogs (and unfortunately even their owners!), while entering or exiting the gates. These altercations are due to members not adhering to the rule regarding when and where dogs can be unleashed."

Congressional Cemetery News Alert, May 2010

The problem is deep.

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