Thursday, May 6, 2010

Running on Time

"For your safety, please observe the location of emergency exit doors each time you board. There are different styles of rail cars. These instructions apply to this rail car."

MARC, Maryland Department of Transportation, Emergency Information

MARC is wonderfully handcrafted -- different almost every day in lots of ways. Things have been getting better in DC -- I suspect a new consulting team at work. My fav train cancelled (i.e. 7:21 express), separated Penn Line and Camden Line waiting areas. It's all helped to reduce the mayhem -- at least on most days.

Yesterday, back to the same on the #506, the 7:12. A mysterious delay started the day -- maybe engine related. Then an ironic announcement from a conductor: "If you want to go to Baltimore you better go next door (i.e the 7:37). Everyond crowded out into larger crowds gathering on the platform -- the doors to the 7:37 were closed and rumors were flying. The 7:12 was not cancelled -- back on the train. After a while we inched out of the stay with 2-3 halting stops.

The next announcement told us that passengers for Odenton and BWI would have to get off at New Carrollton and wait for the next train.The 7:12 would be an express to Baltimore. Meanwhile, a roving conductor threw up his hands when asked about the next train: "Nobody really knows when it will come."

Luckily, the MARC team caved and all stops restored -- plus effusive apologies about the situation and inconvenience. I was a half hour late -- but no matter -- I love riding the trains.

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