Monday, June 14, 2010

Overcoming Hypocricy?

"Right now, the main thing I'm working on is trying to invent my way out of my own hypocricy."

Saul Griffith, quoted in: David Owen, "The Inventor's Dilemma--An eco-minded engineer discovers the limits of innovation." The New Yorker May 17, 2010.

That's a lifetime's work for most of us. But a worthy goal that few take up.
--How does one get around each day -- and how much?
--What does one eat -- and where does it come from?
--What electonic gadgets make life easier and more connected?

"Al Gore has done a huge amount to help this cause,but he is the No. 1 environmental hypocrite. His house alone uses more energy..."

Few heroes on this front.

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