Friday, June 4, 2010

Success Failure

"[John] Wooden calls it being 'infected' with success. Pat Riley, former coach of the championship Los Angeles Lakers team, calls it the 'disease of me'--thinking you are the success, and chucking the discipline and the work that got you there."

Carol Dweck, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success

I always knew there was something fishy about success, not that I didn't want it. That's the rub -- success in one sense is about achieving worthy goals. Who doesn't want success?

Yet: "Success lulls you. It makes the most ambitious of us complacent and sloppy."

And there are few successes that just come down to me. In fact, many times it's challenging to disentangle all the factors that went into success -- preparation, timing, team effort, luck, etc. It would be easy to say that failures teach while successes just feel good. Yet successes are the "bright spots" that we want to spread.

"Conclusion? Beware of success. It can knock you into a fixed mindset: 'I won because I have talent. Therefore I will keep winning.' Success can infect a team or it can infect an individual."

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