Friday, July 23, 2010

Green Model Building

"Green Pays will offer financing to low-to-moderate-income homeowners to carry out energy efficiency retrofits or solar installations on their homes. Initial targets for the pilot phase are 500 homes retrofitted and 50 high-quality green jobs created."

Working Partnerships USA, Green Jobs, Green Communities: Models and Opportunities from Silicon Valley, July 2010.

Great idea to break into the private marketplace and create good jobs. Short write ups like this inspire curiosity.

1) How does this pilot relate, if at all, to ARRA and regular weatherization funding? Seems like a similar target group -- although I suspect it pushes the boundary on income upward.

2) Is there long-term interest in other repayment mechanisms--utility or property tax bills?

3) Is the $2 million fund revolving or will it have to be replenished from other sources? What ideas do you have for other financing sources? Current financing allows for 500 retrofits of $4,000. That seems on the inexpensive side. What will be the length of this next phase?

4) Who will do outreach and administer the financing? Are people lined up for this or will active marketing be required?

Looks promising, doesn't overreach -- but focused on showing a self sustaining model. That's what we need.

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