Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fathers and Sons

"Edward Chambers, who at Alinsky's death succeeded him as the head of the Industrial Areas Foundation, seemed to have an opinion of his erstwhile boss almost as harsh as Alinsky's enemies, but the two men really did not care for each other."

Nicholas von Hoffman, Radical

Is this a mistake or simply an awkward, imprecise sentence? The clause starting with "but" seems unnecessary because in the prior clause we've already learned that Chambers didn't like Alinsky. So, either say they just didn't care for each other or state that Alinsky didn't care for Chambers either, which seems to be von Hoffman's message a few paragraphs later about Chambers as a do-gooder at heart who turned organizers into professional organizers with 401k)'s. Feels like some unresolved successor problems. Oddly, someone asked me yesterday if Alinsky really wanted von Hoffman to succeed him? I forgot the gossip -- or the history.

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