Thursday, August 19, 2010

On Inconsistency?

"Winners are not hampered by awareness of their inconsistencies. They bend their efforts toward studying the political topography, toward grasping the situation as it is."

Nicholas von Hoffman, Radical

Do those three words or attributes go together: "winners, awareness and inconsistencies?" Do you want to win enough to be a winner? Do you lack the requisate awareness, really self awareness, to keep pushing toward victory no matter what? Maybe you have to lack self doubt. And do you embrace inconsistency, or maybe flexibility, or maybe oppportunism, or maybe reading the tea leaves?"

We have other ways of talking about the winning path: holding onto goals, flexible about means; ends justify the means. The latter is an always dangerous notion.

On the other hand, Alinsky and von Hoffman are talking about openness, willingness to change course or adopt new approaches along the way, adaptive thinking. Reading the world of the possible. There's the saying that "consistency is the......."

Sometimes sticking with something for a long time is what is needed. Switching gears is settling for less or giving up. Sometimes the opposite is the case. That's part of the struggle for leaders pushing change.

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