Thursday, August 12, 2010

Recession Busting?

"Evidence of the long-term costs of poverty is all around us....[We] know what needs to be done to minimize the recession's damage to children and families and prepare them for successful, productive futures. The question remains whether we have the will and commitment to prevent widespread harm."

Coalition on Human Needs, The Recession Generation: Preventing Long-term Damage from Child Poverty and Young Adult Joblessness, July 2010.

I wish we knew everything that was needed to minimize the impacts of the recession and support "successful, productive futures" for kids and families. Coming to grips about what " economic recovery" actually might mean is a big part of the problem. We still are caught up in the short term.

Neverthless, this report and policy agenda represents a sensible approach -- with a focus on low income families. On the jobs front, extending the TANF Emergency Fund for publicly subsidized employment, expanding OJT, on-the-job-training supports for companies and workers, and emphasizing skills training linked to real business demand combine a dual emphasis on job training and job creation -- a must for today. We've again seen in recent times a little too much training without job creation or economic development

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