Monday, October 18, 2010

Alinsky Laughs

"I want you to understand that, though we may profess to celebrate life, in fact we are a little more than a suicide cult, intent ondoing in our rage and self-loathing as much damage as possible before finally shuffling off into the darkness that we are sure awaits us."

David Kahane, Rules for Radical Conservatives: Beating the Left At Their Own Game To Take Back America

The introductory chapters to this strange book adopt the voice of the Devil (a Dad/Son combo) -- liberal, left-leaning, baby-boomer, 1960s-vintage agents -- who seem to control everything. I guess this is a rhetorical device that sets up the target for conservative action. It's not just paranoid, ahistorical, and misinformed, it's silly. It is cartoon-like in its ramblings about somebody else controlling the whole world. And then along comes....

Here's a quote from Saul Alinsky's prologue in Rules for Radicals

"I salute the present generation. Hang on to one of your most precious parts of youth, laughter--don't lose it as many of you seem to have done, you need it. Together we may find some of what we're looking for--laughter, beauty, love, and the chance to create."

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