Friday, May 20, 2011

Jane's Space

"Utopia is a destination, so beautiful and beneficial for all, quite a few must be hideously sacrificed en route. (Toronto's) civic imagination is shaped by generations of immigrants unfit for utopias around the world: people who fled Divine Monarchs, Great Oarsmen, Beloved Leaders, Infallible Clerics, Infamous Tyrants and Obscure Social Engineers, war, reservation, pogrom, gulag, holocaust, apartheid, genocide, slavery, conscription, torture, and endless utopian techniques of great evil for a Greater Good. Toronto's collective anthem or civic prayer maight be 'No megalomania please, we're between utopias.'"

Deanne Taylor, Between Utopias, in What We See: Advancing the Observations of Jane Jacobs, edited by Stephen A. Goldsmith and Lynne Elizabeth.

And so we enter the world of Jane Jacobs.Not everyone can play in this anti planner realm -- you need a combination of base resources and entrepreneurial self sufficiency. People organize themselves in small spaces -- taverns,churches,parks, coffee houses. Old-fashioned republican. Unfortunately, these spaces are fragile and difficult to maintain "between utopias."

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