Monday, April 2, 2012

Chicago Reform?

"More than a century later, the man who not long ago represented (Paddy) Bauler's neighborhood in Congress insists that Chicago is finally ready...Rahm (as he's known everywhere) is bent on wholesale reform of the 'Chicago Way.'"

Jonathan Alter, "Meet the New Boss, The Atlantic, April 2012.

You have to admire anyone willing to be mayor of a big city in today's world. Unfortunately, this article falls into Chicago hype beginning with the title and by choking on the mythology of the Chicago Way (a bad Chicago detective novel).Why be taken in by Paddy Bauler's cry that "Chicago ain't ready for reform" rather than doing the hard work of recounting Chicago reform efforts over the past fifty years? And it should be no surprise to anyone that the list of reforms don't necessarily start with the mayor's office. Someone should make a list.

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