Monday, November 5, 2012

"Baltimore abandoned and condemned commercial buildings on the corner of Washington Street and East Preston Street." A photo.

...[T]he boarded-up ghost neighborhoods of Baltimore made familiar by 'The Wire" -- all on the line that connects America's financial center and its booming capital city."

Adam Davidson, photographs by Pieter Hugo "Empire of the In-Between; the death and life of the industrial corridor linking New York and Washington."

It's probably not a good idea to base all your understanding of Baltimore on The Wire. In fact, the photograph of Baltimore abandoned buildings in this article is slated to become new transit-oriented development on the Amtrak line. If looking south instead of north out of the Amtrak windows one would have seen 88 acres of cleared land, construction cranes, and the ever-expanding footprint of Johns Hopkins Hospital and Medical System. While this project, the The East Baltimore Revitalization Initiative, is not without controversy, slow downs, and new plans, it represents some of the best ideas in urban development about harnessing the economic power of anchor institutions for economic and community development. This is not to say that all is well in Baltimore, but we do need to see the bright spots as well as the industrial decline and disinvestment.

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