Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Jane and Michael

"To transform the labor and housing  markets and to provide quality education for all is a minimum program for the abolition of poverty; to  build a new, unpolluted urban environment with decent social and aesthetic design is imperative for the entire society...But...the society of the future will be unlivable unless it incarnates the values and passions of Jane Jacobs.

Michael Harrington, "Review of the Economy of Cities," Village Voice, June 12, 1969. In: Ideas that Matter: The Worlds of Jane Jacobs, Ed. Max Allen, Ginger Press, Ontario, 1997.

Rare do we find a vision that balances large-scale change and nurturing complexity of small-scale environments. In many cases, they work against each other and lead to one-sided views of the world and of the social and political change that is needed. Who today is having real conversations about social equity, poverty alleviation, democracy, and vibrant, economically generative neighborhoods? I want to join the discussion.

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