Thursday, October 10, 2013

What Cities Know

"So far from our denigrating cities because of the problems they create, we should recognize that these problems are opportunities. What we call faults of cities are really bringing problems to a head where they can be solved."

Jane Jacobs, "The Self-generating Growth of Cities," February 7, 1967. In: Ideas That Matter: The Worlds of Jane Jacobs, Ed. Max Allen. Ontario: Ginger Press.

This certainly represents a radically different approach to thinking about local economic development. It differs from strategic planning or a focus on financing transactions. Jacobs goes onto say that many solutions may exist within the "feeder" internal economies of cities -- those assets, skills, and innovations that can be brought to the task of solving new problems. Much of this is requires entrepreneurship. I wonder whether anyone has created deeply nuanced maps of urban assets of these types?

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