Monday, March 17, 2014

Mobility Opportunity

"Any meaningful mayoral vision must be built around a policy agenda designed to meet these challenges in the interest of creating a city where prosperity is much more broadly shared."

Jared Bernstein and Wes Rivers, "How will DC's next mayor tackle inequality," The Washington Post, March 14, 2014.

Bernstein and Rivers provide a telling analysis of the economic trajectory of DC down the path of heightened inequality. It seems to be hardwired into urban economic success. Their proposed interventions to ameliorate inequality are really about reducing poverty and increasing economic mobility, inequality not so much. It's a good beginning list but without a lot of specificity except for EITC and minimum wage. Every step of the "cradle to career" pipeline requires new investments and new leadership to get the most out of dollars spent. DC needs to increase inclusionary hiring and housing requirements for new economic development -- and create new transitional employment or conservation programs that provide enriched employment opportunities, especially for youth.  DC has the opportunity and resources to fashion an economic mobility agenda that is more than words. Let's hope its leaders and electorate rise to the occasion.

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Al Woodward said...

The shame for DC is the politics that harkens back to the big city politics before the Second World War. How will DC overcome this?